Piazza Amerina

Piazza Amerina is a whole town, not just a piazza. Who knew?

I mean, I know. Now. But I didn’t know until I looked for a place to stay near Romana del Casale, a sight I wanted to visit in Sicily. A search in a hotel booking agent turned up “Piazza Amerina.”

It’s a beautiful old town that’s well worth a visit on its own. If I’d known that, I might have booked another day or two there. If I live long enough, maybe I’ll get back. By the time you read this category description, maybe I already did.

As the title suggests, this category contains entries about time spent there and thereabouts. It’ a subcategory of “Italy” and a sub-subcategory of “Europe.”

Piazza Amerina to Ragusa

Today took me from Piazza Amerina to Ragusa, with a stop along the way. Obviously, today didn’t take me there. Days just sort of linger...