Category: Auckland

This category contains all journal posts about any time I spent visiting Auckland, New Zealand. You probably figured that out seeing as though I titled the category “Auckland.” And I placed it as a subcategory of the “New Zealand” category (itself a subcategory of the Australasia category).

I won’t give any spoilers here as to the content of the posts. But allow me to take this opportunity to dispel a couple of common myths.

First of all, despite being on the opposite side of the world from the centre of the universe, Toronto, Canada, things don’t fall off the Earth here. That is a good thing because standing on Earth is much healthier than falling off it.

Second, no, unmatched socks that originate in Toronto don’t fall through a hole in the planet and end up in Auckland. I was disappointed to learn that isn’t true. I hoped to reunite some sock pairs.

Waiheke Island

We spent pretty much a full day on Waiheke Island today. It deserved at least that much time, and probably much more. The ferry to...