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I cannot say enough about Hydra. That statement alone isn’t particularly helpful, is it? Not being able to say enough about a place could be because there are so many things wrong with it that you couldn’t mention them all. Or it could be such a great place that, well, likewise. In this case, it’s the latter.

Hydra is probably the closest island to Athens that’s worth a visit. Maybe the closest island period. I don’t know.

And, it definitely is worth a visit.

First of all, they don’t allow cars on the island. The only motorized vehicles permitted there are a couple of small garbage trucks and fire engines. If you don’t want to carry your luggage up the island’s hill to your hotel, you have to contract a donkey-owner to cart it on their donkey for you.

I could say a lot more about the island, but then you wouldn’t have any reason to read the travel journal entries this category page links to. Don’t be so lazy. Read the damned posts already.

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Hydra and Piraeus

I left Hydra today a little before 3:00 p.m. on a ferry back to Piraeus, where, tomorrow, I pick up a rental car I have...