Category: United Kingdom

I am about the furthest you can get from being an expert on politics and public opinion in the United Kingdom. So, take what I’m about to say with a grain of salt, or whatever seasoning you prefer. It’s my understanding that at the time of writing of this category description (September, 2023), there is considerable discontent over the outcome of Brexit.

Who knows? It might even eventually lead to the independence of Scotland, if not also Wales and/or Northern Ireland.

I hope it doesn’t come to that. If it does, I’ll have to decide what to do about this category. It includes my travel journal entries for all of the nations currently within the United Kingdom. Then, if I decide I have to reorganize my category taxonomy, I’ll have to undertake the work required to effect that change. I’m an exceptionally lazy person. So I don’t want to do that. Thus, for my sake, UK, please stay together. Don’t think only of yourselves. Think about me. That’s what’s important.

With that said, this category, which is a subcategory of my “Europe” category (you can leave the UK, but you can’t leave the continent; it’s geography old chap), contains travel journal entries on my visits to the UK.

In turn, I include subcategories for the nations within the United Kingdom that I visited. (At the time of writing of this description, that included just England and Scotland.) Underneath those nation categories, I include subcategories for the cities and towns I visited within them.