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Hvar, an island and a town of the same name, is a part of Croatia and off its the Dalmatian Coast.

The town is one of the stops on a ferry line between Dubrovnik and Split. That’s part of the reason I decided to go there. I wanted to visit both Dubrovnik and Split. The ferry seemed to be the best way to travel between those two coastal cities. But I decided to break the ferry ride into two parts rather than do it all in one longer trip.

Another reason for choosing it was that the tour book I used when planning my Croatian trip recommended visiting at least one of the islands off the Dalmatian Coast. Hvar was one of the recommended ones.

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Hvar Miscellany

Beyond the Hvar Fortress that I visited this morning, there are few major, named tourist attractions in Hvar. I visited most of them, along with...