This category is for Greece. If you came here looking for information about the musical “Grease” then:

  1. You are a lousy speller.
  2. You came to the wrong place. Despite being a lousy speller too, I know the difference between “Greece” and “Grease.”

This, obviously, is a category I set up to hold all of my journal entries on my days in Greece.

This country category is a subcategory of the “Europe” continent category. In turn, this category has its own subcategories for each city or town I visit in Greece.

However, if I took a day trip from a city or town, I usually list it under the subcategory for the city or town where my day began and ended. So, you might have to use thee search function to see if I visited any other cities/towns during one of those day trips.

Epidaurus and Athens

Today is my last full day in Greece for this trip, my first time here. I spent the day visiting Epidaurus and then driving back...

Mycenae and Nafplio

Today’s drive took me to Nafplio, with a stop at Mycenae. Nafplio is my final overnight stay (2 nights) on the Peloponnese peninsula. I then...

Patras and Olympia

Today, I drove from Galaxidi to Olympia, my first overnight stay on the Peloponnese peninsula. Actually, my first two nights stay on the peninsula. According...

Delphi and Galaxidi

Today, I drove from my hotel in Galaxidi to Delphi to view the archaeological wonders there. I had enough time when I came back to...

Hydra and Piraeus

I left Hydra today a little before 3:00 p.m. on a ferry back to Piraeus, where, tomorrow, I pick up a rental car I have...