Category: Évora

Évora, is a beautiful, interesting town in Portugal that’s an easy train trip from Lisbon. Had I known before I booked my first trip there how much I was going to enjoy it, I would have planned to spend more time in the city. It’s quaint, quite walkable, and charming. And there are nearby sights to see as well.

Who knows, by the time you read this category description maybe I will have already returned. If you see more than two journal entries linked below then, yes, yes I did get back, Jojo and Loretta. In that case, lucky me. If not, then, who knows what the future holds? Keep checking here to find out.

And send your friends links to my journal entries too. I’d love to build up some traffic so I can justify placing advertising here to help pay for my travels. The probability of that happening is very small, almost zero. But, hey, you have your dreams and I’ll have mine.

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