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Why is “Edinburgh” always pronounced with an “uh,”  “ah,” or “oh” sound at the end. I mean, really? Where is/are the letter(s) at the end of the name to justify that pronunciation? Nowhere. That’s where.

I probably shouldn’t have said “always pronounced.” I imagine people who never heard one of the common pronunciations would sensibly leave off the ending vowel sound. But they are the exception.

Okay. Rant over.

Despite the weird pronunciation of its name, Edinburgh is delightful. The grand old buildings lining the cobblestone streets of the Royal Mile. The museums and galleries. The old cathedrals and churches. Arthur’s Seat and the climb thereto. The other hills as well. Holyrood Castle. The Scottish Parliament. And, of course, Edinburgh Castle. It’s all great.

I wrote a little bit about all of the sights mentioned in the preceding paragraph in my travel journal entries linked below.

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