I probably wouldn’t have visited, let alone stayed in, Galaxidi if I found a hotel that looked like one I wanted to stay at in Delphi. I wanted to see the ruins at Delphi. Before that trip I hadn’t heard of Galaxidi, which is a short drive from Delphi.

I’m glad I couldn’t find a particularly enticing hotel in Delphi. It led me to stay in what turned out to be a very pretty coastal down that I otherwise would have bypassed. That would have been a mistake.

Having a rental car helped to make it possible. Renting a car is not something I do if I can avoid it. To say the least, I don’t enjoy driving. So I usually take trains when travelling through Europe. But that wasn’t a viable option for touring the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece.

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Delphi and Galaxidi

Today, I drove from my hotel in Galaxidi to Delphi to view the archaeological wonders there. I had enough time when I came back to...