I began and ended my first visit (and, at time of the writing of this category description, so far only) to Sicily in Palermo. It is an attractive city with a lot to do.

My only real complaint about Palermo is that it is a coastal city that doesn’t give its coast a lot of respect other than for commerce. I like staring at seacoasts and prefer places that make it much more enjoyable and accessible for pedestrians to do so.

You can find my journal entries for my time in Palermo in this category. This is a subcategory of “Italy” and a sub-subcategory of “Europe.”

Sicily Ends in Palermo

The title of this entry notwithstanding, I hope Sicily will be eternal. Of course, it can’t be. Nothing is eternal. If my understanding of the...

Back in Palermo

As the late, great Harry Chapin (1942 – 1981) sang, all my life’s a circle. And, speaking of circles, here I am back where I...