They say that Rome is the eternal city. Then again, have you ever noticed that “they” are almost always anonymous sources? And they offer opinions and alleged knowledge on way more topics than they can possibly know anything about. So, take their declaration of Rome as the eternal city with an appropriate level of skepticism.

Be that as it may, I’m at least 67.5% confident that my life will be finite. And it will probably a lot shorter than Rome’s life. Heck, I might already be dead by the time you read this. Who knows? It might happen one day.

So, there’s only so much of Rome that I can cover in this travel journal. But whatever I do write about the city will appear in posts linked on this category page.

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Victor Emmanuel and 3 Churches

The Victor Emmanuel Monument wasn’t in my original thinking for this afternoon. My tentative plan was to visit two or possibly three churches and then...

5 Churches and some Forums

When I left the Capitoline Museums after lunch the steady rain of the morning turned to intermittent rain in the afternoon. But it was still...