Why did I choose to go to Slovenia? The truth is, I didn’t originally choose to go there. I originally planned to do a trip only in Croatia. Then I looked at flights.

There are no nonstop flights that I found from Toronto (my hometown) to anywhere in either Croatia or Slovenia. I hate airports. So I prefer nonstops, but that wasn’t an option. There are some flights with decent connections to either Dubrovnik or Zagreb in Croatia. So that wasn’t a huge problem.

Then I looked at the return flights. All the flights with connections to Toronto from either Dubrovnik or Zagreb left early in the morning. I’m not a morning person. At all.

The Croatia tour book I used to plan the trip recommended also taking in Ljubljana in Slovenia when visiting Croatia. So I looked at flights returning from there. They left later in the morning. So, I made the decision to end the trip in Ljubljana. My morning sluggishness made the decision for me.

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