Canada, the true north, strong and free, is my home and native land. It’s been my home my entire life, and almost certainly will continue to be for the rest of my life.

Um, about that “true north” part? I’m a big-city boy (now old man) who is not a fan of winter. So I haven’t gotten too far north. And likely never will in the winter.

Surprisingly, as of the time of writing this category description, I haven’t done much travelling within Canada since starting this travel journal. But posts on any places I do visit in Canada will appear in this category.

I will include subcategories for any province I visit and, under that, subcategories for the cities within each province.

Because this is a travel journal, one Canadian city you likely won’t ever read about here is my lifelong hometown, Toronto. No city is perfect, but you should definitely visit.

Vancouver: Sunset Beach

I’m on my first out-of-province trip since COVID-19 shut things down. I arrived this evening in Vancouver, British Columbia. British Columbia, where the seven-day average...