The tour book that was instrumental in me deciding to visit Cefalù in Sicily, Italy described it as a good example of an old Sicilian fishing village. I didn’t see any remnants of the fishing industry. I think that’s long gone, but it is a fantastic down.

Cefalù’s seafront has long beaches with a promenade behind them. I’m not a beach fan, but I do enjoy walking by the sea, so I greatly appreciated it.

And the town has a giant rock with a path to climb up. It turns out I’m not in terrible shape for a man my age. I trekked up. I got to see some ruins at the top and part way up.

And Cefalù itself has some pleasant, small, old-world streets. I’m glad I went.

Oh, it has some great seafood, but don’t ask me where the fishers are. You can read all about it in the posts linked below.

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