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This category contains all of my journal posts about any time I spent visiting Queenstown, New Zealand. You probably figured that out seeing as though I titled the category “Queenstown” and placed it as a subcategory of the “New Zealand” category (itself a subcategory of the Australasia category).

I don’t think it’s fair that queens get their own towns. I mean really. Whole towns? Can’t they satisfy themselves with just, say, a few palaces and the associated grounds?

Fortunately, the queen in question didn’t bar commoners, such as me, from visiting her town. Queenstown, New Zealand is well worth a visit.

To be honest, I was hesitant to go. The tour books I read said it’s a party town and where adventure-seekers go in New Zealand.

I am neurotic. It’s difficult to convince yourself to seek adventure when everything worries you. On the other hand, if everything worries you, then everything is adventurous, but not in a particularly enjoyable way.

And party town? I’m an introvert. Parties are very high on the long list of things that make me uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, Queenstown, New Zealand is gorgeous and, as I said, well worth a visit.

Queenstown: Wandering Around

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