Queenstown: Bob’s Peak, Boat Ride, Farm

I predicted yesterday that I wouldn’t have much time for writing for the rest of this trip. I predicted correctly, at least for today.

Here’s a quick summary of what I did today:

  1. Took a gondola ride up to Bob’s Peak, took in the views, and walked around up there.
    1. No, I don’t know who Bob is or, more likely, was. Maybe he is or was your uncle.
    2. Whoever Bob was, he has/had a high peak.
    3. Obviously, it was the sort of gondola they employ at ski resorts, not the sort of gondola they use on the canals of Venice. The latter wouldn’t work at all going up a mountain.
  2. Took a short boat cruise on a coal-powered steamboat on Lake Wakatipu, the lake that Queenstown is on.
  3. At the midpoint of that cruise I got off and toured a farm.
    1. There was an intended stop there, which is good because swimming ashore fully clothed, with my iPhone and wallet in my pockets, isn’t my thing.
    1. The farm had sheep, cows, alpacas, deer, and dogs. The latter were used to herd the sheep.
    2. We got to feed some of the animals.
    3. We then got a sheep-sheering demonstration. The sheep was a lamb. Being a lamb, the lamb was young and not yet used to being shorn. As a result, according to the guy doing the demonstration, it was less placid than a mature sheep that had it done many times. I can’t vouch for that because I’d never seen a sheep of any state of maturity being shorn, so how would I know?
  4. Got back on the steamboat for the ride back to Queenstown.

Pictures from Bob’s Peak, the boat, and the farm

Here are some pictures from the day:


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