This is Joel Klebanoff’s travel journal. I started it in May of 2019. I will not try to add entries from previous journeys because I have a horrid memory and would undoubtedly get things wrong. I suspect nobody would care if I got things wrong. Other than me.

I started this because my niece recommended that I blog about my travel. My niece probably thinks I never listen to any suggestions she gives me. You’re wrong about that, M. But I’m still not going to get a dog or cat; or take up a musical instrument; or start drawing or painting.

I’ll continue to write here about my travels until it is no longer fun. Then I won’t because travel is supposed to be about fun. At least, my travel is supposed to be about fun.

I have not used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate any of the content on this site. Some people, perhaps many people, would argue that I didn’t use any natural intelligence either. You be the judge.

Note: I compose the posts in this journal contemporaneously. I usually write them the same day, never more than one day after the day the posts describe. My primary goal is to enjoy my journeys and jaunts. Therefore, I don’t spend as much time editing the posts as I did for my work when people paid me to write (not travel stuff) before I retired. The consequence is, you’ll probably find numerous typos in these pages. I sometimes go back after the fact and edit them, but not always. And, even for those posts I do review, don’t count on me reviewing them closely. My travel’s the thing.