Rapallo: Rest and Relaxation

Arriving in Rapallo

Yesterday, I arrived in Rapallo, which is on the Ligurian coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Italy. It is beautiful.

I met up with my sister here.

“Say hello, sis.” “Hello, sis.”

Sorry, old joke. But I’m an old person. So I’m allowed.

My sister, being an art historian, informed me of some of the errors I made when discussing art in my previous posts on this trip. For example, in at least one instance, I got the era of the paintings wrong, labeling Baroque as Renaissance.

The Marina in Rapallo
The Marina in Rapallo

Let’s just say that if you are one of my sister’s students and, when taking one of her exams, you depend on what I said about art in these pages, I’m pretty sure you can count on failing. Sorry about that.

Then again, it’s unlikely any of her students will ever find this site. What do I care about other professors’ students?

See the Sea in Rapallo

A view from the balcony
A view from the balcony

We rented a largish Airbnb apartment in Rapallo and will be staying for a week. The apartment is only a two or three blocks from the sea. It’s on the third floor of its building.

That’s third in European storey-currency. To the best of my recollection, everywhere I’ve been in Europe labels the ground floor as zero. Rapallo is no exception. So, converted to North American storey-currency, we’re on the fourth floor.

In addition to the apartment unit being on the third/fourth floor, the apartment building is a bit up a small hill.

None of the buildings in Rapallo are particularly tall. So, thanks to our height, the buildings between us and the sea block very little of the sea view. It is beautiful.

When I say “thanks to our height,” I am, of course, talking about the height of the building above sea level. Neither my sister or I contribute much to the heights of our eye levels even when standing on tippy toes.

Another view from the balcony
Another view from the balcony

The apartment has a long, narrow balcony that faces the sea. There’s also a large rooftop deck with views of the sea. The windows in the living room/dining room also afford views of the sea.

This is all to say that Rapallo is too relaxing to write much here. We plan to do a little touring to the nearby towns on the coast, but I don’t know if I’ll describe much of it in this journal.

The weather forecast calls for sun for the next two or three days. Then we’re supposed to get a few days of rain. Maybe I’ll feel like writing something during the rain. But don’t count on it.


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