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A person’s home is their castle.

Yes, yes. I know. The expression is “A man’s home is his castle.” But, come on. It’s 2023 as I write this. Women can have homes that are castles too now. As can gender-fluid people. Get with the times, I say.

And, also, yes, yes. I know. The grammar sticklers will tell me it should be “his or her” castle, not “their” castle because it’s singular. I used to agree, but I gave up that fight recently. I got tired of people telling me that I am old-fashioned or a stickler or not sufficiently inclusive. So, “their” it is.

Wait. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Castles. I’ve visited a few in my travels and when I did I tagged the associated journal entry with “Castle.” So, here you are.

Generally, the castles I visit aren’t currently inhabited as such. They serve as tourist attractions now. I don’t travel in the sort of circles that result in me being invited into inhabited castles. I also don’t travel in those sorts of squares, triangles, or any other types of polygons, for that matter.


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